“When it comes to the food I love to eat and the products I choose to use, I’ve long believed the closer to nature they are, the more nourished we feel.

The more we understand about where things come from, the more we can make choices that are right for us and our planet.

I wanted these values to also extend to the products available for our dogs, and that is how The Wholesome Hound came to be”


How to do your bit for charity when short on time?

How to do your bit for charity when you are time poor. Charity. We all want to do our bit and support our favourite charity. Especially - as an animal lover - when it comes to animal charities . Where, however do you find the time?  As someone who has a full time job...

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Strawberry and Mint Scones

Doggy Strawberry Scones  Servings Makes 12 Mini Scones  Ready In: 30 Minutes Effort Level: Easy Good For: Grain free, great for breath About this Recipe Strawberries, what a wonderful ingredient, and judging by how well this doggy strawberry scone recipe went down,...

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How to make your dog walk more mindful

How to make your dog walks more mindfulMindfulness. It seems to be everywhere right now. Having quiet time where you can be really present is good for stress levels, sleep, and subsequently your health - both physically and mentally. So why do we find it so difficult?...

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Doggy Easter Biscuits

Doggy Easter BiscuitsServings Makes up to 30 depending on your cutterReady In: 60 MinutesEffort Level: Biscuits alone - Easy. Icing - a little more skill involvedGood For: Packing in two veggies. Also a great bake to do with the kids for the family dogAbout this...

Peanut Butter Pawcakes

Peanut Butter PawcakesServings Makes 4-6 Pancakes depending on the size you make them Ready In: 20 MinutesEffort Level: Flippin' easyGood For: This is a great recipe if your pooch has issues with gluten or grainsAbout this Recipe I love this time of year, there are...

Valentines Doggy Biscuits

Strawberry & Carob Valentines treatsServings Makes 25-30 biscuits depending on cutterReady In: 60 MinutesEffort Level: EasyGood For: Strawberries are a powerful antioxidant and ever contain an enzyme that helps whiten teeth!!About this Recipe Ahh Valentines...