Breed Facebook groups – Pros and cons of joining

I’m a member of the cockapoo owner’s club UK group on Facebook, me and 48,919 others. In its bio, The Cockapoo owners club describes itself as “a friendly and popular chat/advice group, giving support and advice on all aspects of cockapoo ownership, but what is it really like?

I joined up after meeting a fellow Cockapoo owners club member in the park. I never knew this kind of thing existed before, never mind to such heights of popularity.

Overall, I would say for whatever breed you have, find your Facebook group as in my experience it is true to its bio on what it’s mainly about, but there are some cons so I’m going to break it down here, but I will start with the pros


1. You get to see cute dog pics – a lot of them, all day long

2. Whilst each dog is different, there are some common traits amongst breeds, so it’s great to get advice and reassurance – yes the fact that your cockapoo spends hours walking around on two legs is quite common

3. Support in hard times. For me when we lost our King Charles, I was beyond devastated. Even though my husband was with me in every step of the grief, I still felt very alone. Yes my friends were really sympathetic, but only dog owner really get it and I only knew so many. This group is really supportive of any member going through this, or likewise if anyone’s dog is just under the weather, we come together as community

4. There are cool Organised Local walks – we’ve been on many with the Cockapoo owners club.  If you’ve ever wondered what it would look like if 100 sausage dogs/Pugs/Frenchie’s got together in Roundhay park then wonder no more, it happens – regularly. Through meeting local people with the same breed, it’s opened up opportunities of play dates, dog sitting, so it’s worth going along and getting to know people. Willow has a local gang of fellow Cockapoo’s she loves spending time with. I was given a lovely handmade bandana for Willow by a fellow owner, and i’ve made mysefl popular by briging along some home made cheesy biscuits for the gang


1. You can’t filter the news –  When there’s nearly 50k members, as there is in the Cockapoo owners club, there’s a fair share of missing dogs, accidents, bereavements and sometimes when scrolling over lunch, you may feel like you’ve just sat through the news at ten.

2. Body parts over breakfast, there’s a lot of “is this normal” captions underneath a picture of a dog nipple, testicle, sometimes even number two’s! so again choose wisely when flicking through or maybe set your notifications so you have more control over when you want to dip in to see what’s happening, rather than (as I have it) a random mix of posts on your home page, which could look like this, – A work colleagues wedding, one of your friends on a night out, dog testicle…… you get my drift

3. The opinionated crowd – This is a wider social media issue that you can’t avoid anywhere. I’m all for people having an opinion, but some people have too much time on their hands, and are ready to pounce on someone’s status in a really non constructive way. I’ve seen a poor girl reduced to tears when she asked for some advice on leaving her puppy to go back to work for the first time – it really knocked her when it’s a time you really need support. So don’t be fooled that all fellow spaniel lovers will be lovely etc. They are not!

As much as there’s some hard hitting cons there, I really love being part of a community, and that’s what i’ve found through the Cockapoo owners club. When I’m bordering on losing all my friends due to constantly spamming them with dog pics, I go here and do it and get 100’s of like and pictures in return!!

Search on Facebook for a group for your breed.