Coconut Oil – The Holy Grail for us and our pooches

Here at the Wholesome Hound, we are in love, total and utter love with the mighty product that is Coconut Oil.

I use it every day, multiple times each day for both myself and Willow.

When choosing a coconut oil, make sure it has only coconut oil on the ingredient list. My absolute go to is this one from Neals yard. Neal’s Yard are a 100% organic brand, their coconut oil is fab!

So here are our TOP benefits for the mighty white stuff and for each benefit a tip of how to use for you and also for your dog.

1. Hair/Fur Care

Coconut Oil is super hydrating and also acts as a protection barrier.

Me: If I know I need to wash my hair the next day, The night before I massage a warm a little coconut oil up in my palms and massage it into my scalp before I go to bed, Its soothing and hydrating, helps if you are prone to a flaky scalp also. When you wash your hair the next day you immediately feel the difference

Willow: This is my NUMBER 1 coconut oil recommendation, if you only get one thing from this blog, let this be the thing!
Willow has curly hair and is low to the ground, meaning snow can be a nightmare. You ever walked your dog and come back and they have these ridiculous snow balls literally matted into their fur, you either have to try tug them out or just wait for them to melt, meanwhile your poor pooch is freezing?
No more – Before I walk Willow in the snow, I rub her down with coconut oil under her belly, arm pits and up and down her legs. The oil acts as a barrier and no snow attaches itself to her. Try it you will be AMAZED

2. Body Care

Again, due to how hydrating this stuff is, it’s a great option for your skin and a much more economical option than some of the expensive products out there.

Me: I have quite dry skin, so for me, I like to use Coconut Oil maybe once a week instead of my body lotion to give my skin a super-rich treat. I’ll normally use it when I don’t have to get dressed quickly due to the oil

Willow: I have in the past spent money on special products signed to help moisturise and protect the paw pads, however I soon discovered the best thing for the job is the trusty coconut Oil. I’ll use this a lot on Willow especially in the winter months. It also creates a really lovely, calming bonding experience as you massage it in to their pads whilst on the sofa.

3. It’s an amazing Superfood!

There has been lots of confusion around Coconut Oil as it is actually high in saturated fat, which for years we have been told is super bad for us. It does however, differ in the fact that it’s made up of MCT’S (Medium-chain triglycerides) which studies have shown to aid weight loss, reduce risk of diabetes and boost metabolism

Me: I cook a lot with coconut oil now, you do get a bit of a taste to your food, but I personally like it when I can taste the coconut coming through in my scrambled eggs

Willow: Since Willow was a pup, I’ve given her Coconut oil every day, for puppies you want to start off with a quarter of a tsp daily, building up to one tsp when fully grown, Willow loves it straight off the spoon or from her Kong but if you have a fussy pup, just add it to one of their meals.

4. Oral Health

Who even knew what Oil pulling was a few years ago, but it makes your mouth feeling super fresh. If you are a bit funny about having greasy oil in your mouth you can actually get these super handy flavoured packs Minty flavoured packs which is how I got hooked.

Me: Post teeth brushing, a tsp straight in the mouth and move around like you would mouth wash for a minute or two – I never time this

Willow: If you are getting them to have their tsp a day straight off the spoon/out of a kong your dog will naturally get the dental benefits too

So that’s it 4 ways with coconut, I could name about 20 but I’ll stop here. I’m intrigued to know if you have any other amazing uses, leave in the comments below