Could Your Dog really become a Vegan?

by | Sep 14, 2018 | General, Uncategorised

This week, Half of the Wholesome Hound team were fortunate enough to meet the lovely Delicious Ella who has just launched her new book. A book that has become the fastest selling vegan cook book of all time! – Nothing to be sniffed at.

The whole Vegan movement is showing no signs of stopping, and there’s so many more reasons people are turning to a more plant based diet other than just wanting to not eat animals. Environmental factors and health concerns all paying a role.


It’s also not an exclusive club anymore. I recently did a challenge to eat a vegan diet Monday to Thursday for 6 weeks just to feel a little better, likewise a friend of mine eats only plant based for breakfast and lunch and then has meat/fish for her evening meal – However way they are doing it. More people are depending more on plants in their daily diet.

So what about our pets?

Can our pets really have a vegan diet? – surely not. Well actually, currently the oldest dog recorded in the UK is a blue merle Collie by the name of Bramble, who reached a staggering 27 years of age (I’ll let you work out what that is in dog years but I will tell you it’s an eye watering number) before passing away in 2003.  What was amazing is that Bramble had a vegan diet.  Have we been lied to this whole time about dogs being scavenging carnivores?

Whilst I’m sure Bramble wouldn’t have turned his nose up at a medium rare fillet, the fact that this vegan dog had such a healthy long life, offers some food for thought! As whilst Cats have a biological profile which means they NEED protein from other animals, Dogs don’t. This explains that when I typed in “Vegan Dog food” into Amazon, there are a couple of brands out there with positive reviews such as Yarrah and Benevo (not Vegan, but Vegetarian)


Now. Before we go any further – A huge disclaimer here, I’m not advocating you should switch your Dog on a vegan diet immediately with a promise they’ll be celebrating their 27th birthday with you. ANY bold changes to your dog’s diet, you should always speak to a vet about.

Will I be changing Willow’s Diet?

Our view at the Wholesome Hound however is as such. I simply can’t imagine making Willow a vegan.

There’s a slight question of ethics in making such a strong decision on behalf of an animal. I know vegans who allow their children to eat everything until they are informed enough to make their own decision, our dogs can’t do that.

However, as a person who is concerned about animal welfare, environmental issues and Health, I don’t eat a lot of meat myself after reducing my dependency on it down over the last few years. I do carry this principle on when it comes to feeding my dog.

I know Willows meals will have meat as the main component in them. Regular readers know I try and cook most of these meals myself, therefore I’m in control over the sourcing of that meat at least.

I do, however try and balance it out with making sure she has a veggie rich diet, and her snacks are all meat free, I’d personally never give her meat such as jerky as a treat, she has enough in her meals. Willows snacks are either raw Carrot or Sweet Potato, or some of my own treat recipes such as our Ginger Biscuits, which are also vegan. I also recently developed this nutritionally balanced Vegan Dinner using lentils and quinoa


I’m keen to hear your thoughts on your dog’s diet, especially if you have a “plant powered” dog who’s looking on track to hit their 27th Birthday!