Different Dog Review

The lovely people at Different Dog kindly sent Willow a hamper of their meals this month so we could bring you this review.  Its worth mentioning that when brands send me things to review. I will only review the products and brands that firstly, share our ethos and secondly, are great products.

What is Different Dog

Different Dog is a business set up by a team of people who had worked in the pet food industry for several years, and had become more and more concerned about what was going in the food we trust is good for our dogs.

After getting their own puppy Crumble, they wanted to give her real food – That lives in the fridge and doesn’t have a year long shelf life on it.  It was based on this simple principle that  the company was born. Their ethos is you are what you eat and that applies to our pooches too.

What they offer

Different Dog offer home made meals with additional supplements to make sure all your dogs nutritional needs are met. The team behind Different Dog consist of Nutritionists, Vets, Bio Veterinary Scientists and Chefs – I mean what a team to be producing delicious meals for your dog right?

As my readers will know. I home cook for Willow most of the time, But it’s time consuming so I do also use premium kibbles, so Different Dog is really filling a gap for those, like myself, who want their dog to eat real food but can sometimes be short on time.

These meals are also great if you are not sure on Home cooking for your dog. I’ve done lots of research on supplements and ingredients to include to ensure they are getting sufficient vitamins and minerals, it’s quite complex. Different Dog therefore offers a safe option – so you know all the hard work has been done for you. They also advise on the quantity of food you should feed your dog based on their age, activity levels, weight etc.

The options are – Subscription service, with a choice of frequency. I also like that you can choose a half/half option, giving your dog just one Different Dog meal a day rather than two. You could also try a hamper or order individual meals, if your dog has a favourite from the hamper.


Depending on what option you choose, the meals work out at between £1.50-£2.00.

In terms of if this is expensive, it really depends on your view point. I worked out the cost of each meal for Lily’s kitchen kibble and it came out as 40p. So yes its quite a lot more. For me, however I want Willow to eat as good and real as possible. I’d therefore happily knock my daily latte on the head to cover this

What did Willow think to her meals?

I was so excited when my Different Dog hamper arrived and I wasn’t alone.

Willow was sniffing around as soon as the postman had dropped it off. We had 8 meals in total, 4 recipe’s. Those being, Chicken and Pear, Turkey Fricassee, Beef and Basil and Herby Turkey. All of which went down a treat.

I’m totally in love with Different Dog, I followed them on Instagram since they started as we are trying to do the same thing – get dogs eating real food. So if you have more time on your hands – head over to our recipe page. However for the time poor Different Dog, I guarantee, is EXACTLY what you need in your life!!

Different Dog are kindly offering all Wholesome Hound readers 20% off their first order with the code WILLOW20