The Furbo – Necessity or pricy toy? – Read our honest review

Why we considered getting a Furbo

We have had our Furbo dog camera for several months now. Willow has never suffered from separation anxiety, however when I changed jobs and found myself at home more I under estimated the effect on a changing routine would have on Willow.

Our lovely neighbours came to me one day to tell me that despite going out with a dog walker twice a day, she was often heard barking. Sometimes for up to an hour or even longer. I was horrified and felt like the worse dog mum ever! She wasn’t telling me to complain about the noise, but with an offer to help out. I knew however, I needed to get to the bottom of the issue.

So after lots of research, we invested in a Furbo and at £249, it was a sizeable investment . Would it be worth it? or be one of those gadgets where the technology never works and it ends up in the cupboard.

Set up

Now, I shy away from anything technical, unlike my husband, so he was in charge of set up. So whilst I’m not qualified to talk about how easy this process was for the Furbo. I can tell you it didn’t take him long and there was no swearing coming from upstairs – always a good sign.

You basically connect the Furbo to the WIFI, Charge and you are off.

I have to say, I really love it. There’s something mesmerising about watching your dog sleeping, I could do it for hours. The look of bewilderment on her face that first time we chatted to her also was priceless.

You can choose if you want the notifications on or not through the Furbo App. I have them on, the husband doesn’t as they annoy him. I did however switch them off on my apple phone as that was just too distracting if I was in meetings.

So what did the Furbo tell us?

Now don’t get me wrong, she still barks. What the Furbo however has achieved is it’s given us an inside view of Willows patterns. It goes like this on the days I’m out all day (Rough timings).

  • 8am I leave the house
  • Immediate barking for only 5 minutes
  • Sleeps all morning
  • 10.30am – out with the dog walker
  • 11.15am – back in her bed to relax
  • 2pm – out with the dog walker again
  • 2.45pm – Afternoon nap
  • 4pm onwards – prone to barking and sometimes can keep it up till ones of us gets home at 5.30pm

What I could also see from watching her, is whilst she was barky yes.  Her tail was wagging at the baby gate. So I was relieved to see it wasn’t a whimper of distress and more of a they should be home soon “Boredom”  bark. To read more on the difference between Boredom and Seperation anxiety click here

Is it worth the price tag?

Thanks to the Furbo, we are no armed with knowing Willows weak spots.  When the boredom and impatience for us to get home kicks, we can be proactive.

We’ve not quite mastered the sit and wait for a treat game yet – it’s like she knows if she doesn’t sit, there are no consequences virtually! But we can engage with her at around that 4pm time.  Yes I have been known to talk to her through my cars blue tooth all the way home for reassurance.

If you are concerned about your dog’s behaviour in any way when left alone, I’d say the Furbo is a great investment as really helps you drill down to the specifics of the problem.

When writing this they had £50 off them at Amazon as per the link below