Pumpkin and Peanut Butter dog treats – with optional Pumpkin glaze


Makes 25-40 biscuits depending on your cutter

Ready In:

60 Minutes

Effort Level:

A bit of effort – but worth it!

Good For:

Pumpkin is full of fibre

About this Recipe

With Halloween in only a few days. I wanted to do a Halloween inspired bake, and what could be more Halloween than the Pumpkin. Its an Autumn staple and something I never really cook or bake with.

After some research (thank you google) I learnt that the Pumpkin is great for dogs. Its high in fibre, can help with constipation, therefore some experts are advising to add Pumpkin Puree into your dogs diet daily.

I get a lot of feedback on my more prettier bakes, such as my Banana Berry Bones. So with that in mind, I made the decision to add an optional glaze, making it more of a treat for our pups.

It was only when I came to glaze, I realised I was out of piping bags so made my own out of baking parchment, however it was not great hence my piping has a certain freestyle look about it (AKA total mess). Luckily for us all, our dogs don’t judge us on our presentation skills


  • 200g Pumpkin Puree (Or half a medium pumpkin roasted)
  • 250g Buckwheat Flour
  • 125g Coconut Flour
  • 100g Peanut Butter
  • 1 Medium Egg
  • Optional Glaze Ingredients
  • 100g Pumpkin Puree (If roasted your own, you will have enough left)
  • 100g Greek Yoghurt ( Full fat)
  • 3 Tbsp Cornflour
  • 1 Tbsp Honey
  • 2 Tbsp Chia seeds (optional)

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

Preheat the oven to 180.

Step 2

If making your pumpkin puree from scratch, Cut up your pumpkin – tips see here. Place on baking trays  and roast for 30-40 mins until soft and skin can be easily peeled away -Leave to cool first before peeling. Turn your oven down to about 150 ready for the biscuits

Step 3

Throw the cooled pumpkin flesh into a food processor and whiz until pureed

Step 4

In a large bowl mix in the 2 types of flour, pureed pumpkin, egg and peanut butter and using your hands combine until a dough (you can use a mixer with a dough hook if have one)

Step 5

Once the dough has come together into  a ball, Flour your surface and rolling pin

Step 6

Roll out until the thickness of a £1 coin. You may have to do this in two halves depending on space you have. Try to keep it moving around to make sure it doesn’t stick to your work surface

-Step 7

Once rolled, I always add a little more flour over the top and just dust over with my hand so its not tacky once I come to cut. Using your cutter – I used the large bone from this set  cut out your biscuits and place on a baking tray. You can re roll the left over dough and roll out again to get more biscuits out of it

Step 8

Place your biscuits in the oven and bake for 20-30 minutes depending on size. You are looking for them to be golden and dried out – not soggy or bendy. Store in a tin for up to 4 weeks – These can also be frozen in food bags too and defrosted when required

Step 9

If you want to add the glaze, Combine all the ingredients and mix until smooth. It should be the texture of frosting. Only when the biscuits have cooled, you can then spread, pipe or spoon on in any fashion you like. I then also added some chia seed on to some of my glazed ones for a further effect. Due to the glaze having yoghurt in it, you will need to keep these in the fridge for only a few days, therefore its best to only glaze pre serving

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