We are real foodies at The Wholesome Hound and when it comes to feeding our dogs, our principles are simple – if you aren’t prepared to eat it yourself, don’t feed it your dog. We love nothing more than coming up with Hearty and Wholesome Recipes for Dogs. Some of my recipes feature affilate links meaning I may get a small commission. This is of no cost to you – Thank you for supporting our small business


Easy Lamb Recipe

Easy Home made Lamb recipe Servings 6 main meals based on a 8-10kg dog Ready In: 30 Minutes Effort Level: Easy Good For: 4 types of fruit & veg in this recipe About this Recipe Inspired by lots of amazing Autumnal recipes out there, featuring red cabbage, parsnips...

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Sweet Potato & Ginger Pup Cakes

Sweet Potato and Ginger Pup Cakes - With Cream cheese Servings Makes 12 Mini Pup Cakes Ready In: 30-40 Minutes Effort Level: Easy Good For: Ginger is great for digestion & travel sickness About this Recipe Inspired by the Ginger Cakes on this weeks GBBO. I was...

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Frozen Banana Berry bones

Frozen Banana Berry BonesServings Makes 18 bones. I had spare for a small smoothie!Ready In: 15 mins prep time, 1 hour to freeze minEffort Level: Super Easy ( I did them in the ad break)Good For: Potassium, Vit C, Antioxidents, DigestionInroduction About this RecipeI...

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Nutty Banana Bread

Nutty Banana BreadServings Makes 12 slices (I give Willow half a slice as a snack)Ready In: 1 hourEffort Level: EasyGood For: Potassium. Also great to give to the kids as low in sugarInroduction About this RecipeI've always been obsessed with Banana Bread. It misses...

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Carrot Pup Cakes

Spiced Carrot Pup Cakes with an optional Parsley Glaze Servings Makes 12 Mini Pup CakesReady In: 30-40 MinutesEffort Level: EasyGood For: Carrots are high in Vitamin A, Parsley is great for fresh breathAbout this Recipe I've been keen to do a Pup Cakes recipe for a...

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Warming Beef and Ginger Stew

Warming Beef and Ginger slow cooked StewServings 3-4 meals dependent on size of dogReady In: 3 hours (slow cooker)Effort Level: EasyGood For: Digestion and AntioxidentsInroduction About this RecipeWith Autumn around the corner, it's most likley, you'll be getting the...

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Gingernut Crunchies

Homemade Healthy Ginger dog biscuitsYou can't beat a Gingernut biscuit. Here's a healthy dog biscuit version. Not only do they taste delicious, but furthermore, they are great for your's dogs digestionServings 30-40 biscuits depending on your cutterReady In: 15 mins...

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Turmeric spiced salmon dish

Turmeric spiced salmon dishServings 2-4 mealsReady In: 35minsEffort Level: Fair to middlingGood For: Antioxidants, Omega 3, green veg and can also be made dairy freeIntroduction About this RecipeFor years I though Turmeric was only used for its colour, until I tried a...

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Mini Cheddar Dog Biscuits

Healthy Cheese BiscuitsMini Cheddar’s healthy make over – An amazing cheesy treat for you, your dog and any other cheese fansServings 20-25 biscuits depending on your cutterReady In: 2o mins prep 15-20 baking timeEffort Level: A little effort But worth it!Good For:...

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Fish Pie

Fish PieTaking 25 minutes from start to finish, I’m yet to meet a dog this doesn’t go down well with. The minute the tin of salmon is open, Willow knows she’s getting fish pie!Servings 4 to 5 meals Ready In: 25mins Effort Level: Piece of cake Good For: Omega3,...

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Banana and Coconut Coolers

Banana and Coconut CoolersIn the heat, water alone just does not cut it and some dogs drink so much to try cool their body temperature down they can be sick. Sometimes we need something that delivers that immediate cooling effect.Servings 20 Ready In: 30mins Calories:...

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Doggy Buddha bowl

Doggy recipe - Easy Buddha bowl  Servings Made 6 meals for WillowReady In: 30 Minutes Effort Level: Easy Good For: Healthy fats, calcium and lots of veggie goodness About this Recipe This Doggy recipe is inspired by my recent obsession with having Buddha bowls for...

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Fathers day gift list for Dog Dads

The Best Fathers day gifts for Dog Dads - A collaboration with Etsy. We featured a Dog Mothers Day gift guide back in March, so it's only fair to do a Fathers day one too. For all those great dog dads doing the morning walks, this one's for you. As per our Mothers day...

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How to do your bit for charity when short on time?

How to do your bit for charity when you are time poor. Charity. We all want to do our bit and support our favourite charity. Especially - as an animal lover - when it comes to animal charities . Where, however do you find the time?  As someone who has a full time job...

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