Home Made Dog Treat 

Christmas Boxes

This Blog was inspired by my good friend and fellow dog lover Andrew over at Chase & Chums.

As a dog Walker, he was looking for healthy, home made recipes to gift to his customers.

Full discalimer, Willow’s dog walker bought her a selection box last year and I gave it away to the food bank donation at the supermarket.  It was full of those god awful bright coloured chewy treats.  For starters – she won’t eat them, and secondly, they are full of all sorts of cr*p.

So whether you are a Dog walker looking for presents for your dogs, or just looking for gifts for dogs in general. These are simple, effective and also don’t cost that much. After all, no gifts show you care more than a homemade one

I’ve included all the links to everything I use for my Treat boxes.

Which recipe to go for.

I have quite a few biscuit recipes on here and I would say the easiest ones are either the Gingernut Crunchies or my healthy doggy take on the Mini cheddar.

In terms of cookie cutters I’ve built up over the years, some of my favourites being this Wilton 4 piece or this bone set. The really cute small dog shaped ones are great, however can be a bit more fiddly to use.

Pup Cakes are also really easy to make and would make great gifts. My easiest recipe being these Carrot ones. Don’t bother with the Parsley Glaze as they won’t keep once added and they are just as delicious on their own. Again all the links to what I used are included. If you don’t have the silicone mini muffin tins – they are 100% worth investing in as the cakes just pop out.

All of my recipes can be frozen. So you can make a decent sized batch now, freeze in food bags and defrost before gifting.

How to make presentable

When i’m gifting my treats, I like to have a selection of coloured boxes, ribbon and paper to use.  I found this set  fit the bill perfectly and worked out just over £1 each. I also added on the matching tissue paper too.

Simply place the tissue paper in the box and then add the cakes or biscuits in.  you could also use some  ribbon to tie biscuits together.

For the extra Christmas touch, all you need is a little gift tag with the name of the treats on and you are done.

No more nasty selection boxes hopefully this Christmas