How to do your bit for charity when you are time poor.

Charity. We all want to do our bit and support our favourite charity. Especially – as an animal lover – when it comes to animal charities . Where, however do you find the time?  As someone who has a full time job and is trying to build a business on the side.  Time is in limited supply to me right now. However, I was thrilled to be part of a fund raising event with my local Starbucks this week. It was for the wonderful Guide dogs UK and it got me thinking. What other, small ways could we be giving back.

So, read on for a few ideas on how can do your bit. All based on what time you have at your disposal.  All these ideas are based on what Guide Dogs UK, The Dogs Trust and RSPCA offer. There are, however,  plenty more amazing charities out there. Have a look in particular for the smaller ones local to your area.

Ideas for the time poor

If your life is busy, giving up your time to charity probably isn’t an option. None the less, there are lots of options that you can do without using your time. 

Both the Dogs trust and the Guide dogs have a sponsor programme.  You pay as little as £1 a week and sponsor a pup. Each offer regular updates from your pup which is a lovely touch at no more than the cost of a couple of lattes a month.

If, however, spare money is in rare supply. One thing I  done for the last few Christmas’ is text my friends and family to say I won’t be sending Christmas cards. instead I  use the money normally spent on them and donate it to the dogs trust.

For those that could give a little more time


If you would like to do something to takes a little more involvement, there are also lots of options. On the Dogs trust website, there are lots of ideas for if you wanted to do your own fundraising event. A simple bake sale – don’t forget bakes for the doggies, recipe here – to the more adventurous sky dive. They also have organised events already in place, such as sponsored runs, from 5km to full marathons, making it easy to link in to getting yourself fit at the same time.

Now if that all sounds a little ambitious, the RSPCA are on the lookout for volunteering cheerers.  Yes that’s right – cheerers.  For the great north run this year, they are looking for people to go along and help motivate their runners!

For those who do have time on their hands


There are a whole host of options available to those with more time on their hands. Be it helping at the Dogs Trust dog training school, or working on one of the many charity shops the RSPCA have. One thing I personally would love to do, as can imagine how rewarding it would feel, is to be a “Puppy Walker” for the Guide dogs. This is where the puppies training to be guide dogs come and live in your home with you. Your job being to socialise them in public and get them used to being in a family environment. Setting them up well for when they get paired up with a person who needs them. For me, it lies in the future as I simply don’t have the time currently. So for now, I’ll be donating Christmas card money and also sponsoring events such as the Starbucks one through The Wholesome Hound.

Has this given you ideas for what you could do?  likewise let us know about any fab animal charities in your area.