Our Wonderful Winter Competition entries

We kicked off a competition for a new dog for our Home page at the beginning of December last year. The prize being,  the winner would appear on our Home page for the Winter and win an organic gift set of paw wash and paw balm from our lovely sponsors Snooboo’s. 

I love running these competitions as people become so engaged and, lets face it, we have over a million photo’s of our dogs on hand.

I ran my first one in Autumn 18 and realised once I had all the entries in, that it could not be me who had to make the final decision on which one won. It was even worse for the winter competition as had double the entries. I therefore created a short list and shared it with a group of friends and other petpreneurs to judge. My brief being simple  – I wanted a dog that personified Winter Wholesomeness.  It was no surprise therefore that the lovely Toy Cockapoo Cookie from Yorkshire took the crown.

And Cookie’s not just a pretty face – at 18 months old, Cookie has completed advanced obedience classes, counts on a bell, can open the washing machine and also put things in the bin. She’s also just enrolled in Doggy Dance classes!

So kick back with a mocha and browse through out beautiful pooches, from the snowy adventure seekers to the coach dwelling, fire hoggers. we’ve got them covered.

Keep a look out on our Intstagram or Facebook page for our Spring 19 competition, which we’ll be kicking off in March.  If you want to get practising , here are some great tips!

Apologies we could not cover ALL the dogs that entered as there were simply so many – we don’t want to break the internet!