Could we all learn from our dogs when it comes to listening to our bodies? 

This week, we’re talking all about listening to your body. It’s been one of those weeks, where I just haven’t felt like doing all the things I’d promised myself I was going to do. It started on Monday, when I decided to not go to my Barre class – that I’d actually been on the waiting list for – and instead spent 2 hours in the bath tub, watching re runs of Jane the Virgin.

I’ll be back on it tomorrow I said. However, I wasn’t.  Interestingly though,  for the first time ever, I actually didn’t care.

All in all I’ve had a full week of going for strolls rather than swims, relaxing in the tub rather than doing yoga and sleeping in till I feel fully ready to get out of bed – within reason obviously, I  do have a full time job unfortunately.

So what has this got to do with Dogs you might ask? This is supposed to be a dog blog right?

The answer is, I realised dogs live EVERY day of their life with this positive, healthy, self loving attitude.  Yes Willow’s walks are determined time and duration wise by me, but, she sleeps when she chooses, plays with toys when she desires and takes affection when she feels she want it.

How can we all be more dog?

Have you ever seen a stressed out dog?  Not really. Neither have we.  Apart from environmental factors such as travelling in cars, potentially being around other dogs or in new places, dogs don’t have other stresses. The ones we put on ourselves with our thoughts, expectations and daily worries.  

According to Dr. Chatterjee, Stress is the biggest health epidemic we are facing, so we absolutely need to be controlling it, and we can take learnings from our furry friends.

Here is my plan.

1. Be less rigid about my daily plans. 

2. Set aside one hour a day to do whatever I want, exercise, walk, sleep, have a bath, watch TV, read whatever I feel like

3. Give myself permission to be kind to myself and accept that it’s OK to say no to things.

4. Wake up every day with a lease of life as if it’s a clean slate 

I’d love to hear what learnings you take from your dog.