Tails – Tailored dog food delivered to your door – Read our honest review and get a 2 week free trial

OK so what is Tails

Tails offers tailor made nutritionally balanced dog food. Designed around your dog and delivered by means of a subscription service.


My readers will know, I home cook for Willow about 50% of the time –  See some recipes here. I would like it to be 100% of the time,  but beacuse life gets in the way,  kibble offers convenience. Tails tailored blends are kibble based. They do offer a full range of wet food, snacks and treats customers can also purchase.

Set up

Subscribers answer questions about their dogs health, weight, activity levels, ailments and preferences to allow Tails do the work on getting their specific blend.  Likes or dislikes are also covered.This took 5 minutes. My one and only extremely picky comment back to Tails would be to offer PayPal/Apple pay rather than relying on card – for reasons that I the dog on my lap so it was frowned upon when I got up to get my card.

Once set up, customers should not need to re enter payment details so I’m being really picky here! (sorry Tails team).

Other information required is around other daily food. Treats, snacks, lefttovers that your dog may consume on an average day. This is due to Tails needing to assess what percentage of their daily calorie intake needs to come from their meals.


Post the 2-week trial, you will receive packs monthly. Cost is calculated upfront at registration point so no surprises. Willow’s blend will work out at £17.40 per month – and the size of her pack would be 3.3kg. Similarly, when I looked at what we buy her now (which is Lily’s) we are paying £46 per 7kg.  I was really surprised that Tails works out cheaper.


Tails send you a 2-3 day window for delivery. It’s free delivery which is a benefit. Safe place’s can be specified at set up .

The box contained our tailor made food, an info leaflet and vouchers.  I also ordered some dental chews as an addition. There was also a plastic scoop that has different sizes on it. You just set it up based on the guidance and it turns into the perfect sized scoop for your dog. My leaflet also told me that Willow would need circa 150 calories from other foods to make up her day (as a result of me telling them she gets quite a few treats)


This is where I was pleasantly surprised. Willow is one of the fussiest dogs I know and she’s not massively food motivated either. As a puppy we explored quite a few brands before settling on Lily’s Kitchen and even then, she only likes one flavour. We tried her on another one of their flavours and the kibble were a little larger and she really struggled with them as she also seems to have a narrow throat passage.

So in a nutshell, the reason I wanted to try this 2 weeks’ free trial with Tails is it’s just too risky to buy any different kibble for Willow.
So a huge sigh of relief when she loved it and ate it well! Me and the husband rejoiced, we have a second kibble we know she will eat – happy days.


When selecting any pre made packed dog food, the simplest way to see how high qulaity it is, is by looking at these two following things.

1. Meat should be listed first (ingredients are in order of most used) If meat is not listed first, put it back. It will never be 100% as a result of all foods having water content,  even a pack of pure meat will read about 70%.

2. Look for the word “complete” This means that that food is complete in offering all your dog’s nutritional needs. Food with “complimentary” on the pack (mainly treats) need to be in addition to other foods.

Both Tails to Lily’s are complete food.  Tails also seems to be more than holding its own in terms of meat content.

Tails total meat 55%, Lily’s total meat 39%. *compared to my Lily’s Kitchen kibble of choice.

Ease of cancellation

I love a subscription service.  From Mindful chef and Gousto through to Birch boxes and wine club. One thing that puts me massively off them these days is how difficult some of them seem to make it you cancel. Sure they all advertise its ease, but after spending an hour trying to find the tiniest of prints on the website, jumping over a million hurdles and giving what seems like 10 years notice, you might just have manage it.

I decided to try and pause my Tails orders to see how easy it was. I located the right place within seconds. I’m not sure if Tails have gone out of their way to make this as easy as possible or if there has been a crackdown on subscription services in general, either way, I don’t have to panic that I’ll get a bill and a delivery of dog food when I don’t need.


If I’m honest, I didn’t want to like Tails. I really like natural food for my dog and the packaging looked really scientific, like it had just come out of a lab. That said. I can’t fault it. The price is right, the ingredient list is just as clean as my normal premium brand. You don’t need a PHD to figure out how to cancel or pause your deliveries. Most noteworthy, my fussy Cockapoo loves it and knowing I’ll never be unexpectedly out of dog food and have to go out in the rain to Sainsbury’s make me feel a teeny bit closer to ‘winning at life’. Hence, my next delivery is therefore no longer on pause.